Install wordpress in linux apache / nginx servers

Posted in Linux May 14, 2018

Wordpress is one of the world's most popular website management system also known as Content Management System ( CMS ) , If you want to start any kind of website which has a easy to use interface, tons of plugins and also potential to grow website along with its contents , then Wordpress might be the perfect solution for you to start , Today we will be talking about installing wordpress Content Management System to most of the cloud service providers which cost you as low as 5$ per month which can be scaled easily as per your need , the popular yet cheaper and reliable cloud server providers at the moments are DigitalOcean and Linode and if your country is listed in their server list your websites will be running with blazing speed , other viable solutions currently popular in the worls are , AWS ( amazon web services ), Azure , Google Cloud , Softlayer , alicloud , softlayer etc, the choice fully will depend on your choice and your requirement, out of these linode is my favroute, you can get 5$ per month server with decent spec which can be easily managed,

I will be setting this Tutorials in two main sections , First will be setting up a basic Apache / nginx linux servers , we will be using centos 7 for the tutorial purpose , since i would be using one of the cloud servers and i will be using IP address for the purpose which can be replaced by any of your domain names which you will be used for it. First of all lets setup a Linux Server and make sure the Service is accesstable via ssh ,  and i will assume that you have IP address of that Virtual Machine and user as "root" and Password if you haven't setup SSH ,

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