How to install whois / dig tool for Linux

This is quick tutorial to install whois command also known as dig command , its mainly used for checking name servers , A records , CNAME records, this is one of the mostly used and handy tool during your work for any linux machines , this tutorial is for centos ,this is DIG utility to any Linux variants which would allow you to do all the DNS operations with in your fingertips from Linux CLI . Read More

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How to install SSL in Nginx Servers

This is one of the quick way to install SSL in NGINX Servers , i already have a tutorial for Apache , the Process is very simple and similar to Apache , the files are all same , its just, you need to make few changes with the certificates you receive and make a one single bundled ssl certificate i will skip few steps , i assume you have generated CSR and then have , key file , and certificates you Received from the SSL providers, if you find if difficult , you can check the tutorials from the SSL Apache Setup .. Read More

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How to Generate SSH Keys on Linux System

This is a quick Tutorial how you can generate ssh keys and have SSH connection with remote server , To generate the SSH key you can have any of the following Command Lines , this will enable you to connect to any linux /unix variants without using passwords.. Read More

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How to install netstat in linux centos

A quick tutorial to install netstat, a very useful network tool for all linux variants , it will not only get the network info but a lot of statics with in your network,If you are a regular Linux user and need to deploy many Vms in the cloud service providers like , Linode or Digital Ocean , then you will need to debug most of the time and since these are the cheap providers you tend to debug them yourself , one of the most common tool is netstat so people normally find it difficult to use it as at times these tools are not installed by default....Readmore

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How to install OpenVPN IPsec VPN Tunnel in CentOS 6-7

VPN also known as Virtual Private Network , is the safest way to go to the internet , it can be said that it keeps the secure private connection in the open network making your traffic much safer , basically there are few VPN service providers which are open source and free to use , the only think you need to have is a Cloud Servers , There are now cheap yet powerful unmanaged Service providers in the market some being Linode, DigitalOcean , Amazon's own cheaper solution Lightsail and few others .. Read More..

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How to install SSL in apache linux Servers

This is a quick tutorial how you can install ssl in apache servers running linux operating systems ( centOS , ubuntu etc ). The process is very simple as it sounds , you just need to setup SSL keys to your servers , infact thats all we need to do to install SSL ( Secure Shocket Layer ) certificates in any websites hosted in linux Apache Servers , the process is pretty simple , we will be providing step by step process to install ssl in apache, Before you start the process , You should know following files to proceed further and should have little idea about.. Read More

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