How to install SSL in Nginx Servers

This is one of the quick way to install SSL in NGINX Servers , i already have a tutorial for Apache , the Process is very simple and similar to Apache , the files are all same , its just , you need to make few changes with the certificates you receive and make a one single bundled ssl certificatei will skip few steps , i assume you have generated CSR and then have , key file , and certificates you Received from the SSL providers,if you find if difficult , you can check the tutorials from the SSL Apache Setup ,or ...

Posted in Linux May 31, 2018

How to Generate SSH Keys on Linux System

This is a quick Tutorial how you can generate ssh keys and have SSH connection with remote server ,To generate the SSH key you can have any of the following Command Linesssh-keygen -t rsaorssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096It shall generate two keys as id_rsa and in your default location /root/.sshcopy the content of into remote server and save in cd /root/.ssh/authorized_keysNow You shall be able to login directly using ssh ssh root@serverip/serverdomainor If you are really lazy to do it manually you can do it in one go[ ~]# cd /root/.ssh[ ~]#scp root@remoteip:/root/.ssh/authorized_keysor if you want more shortcut[ ~]#ssh-keygen ...

Posted in Linux May 30, 2018

How to install netstat in linux centos

If you are a regular Linux user and need to deploy many Vms in the cloud service providers like , Linode or Digital Ocean , then you will need to debug most of the time and since these are the cheap providers you tend to debug them yourself , one of the most common tool is netstat so people normally find it difficult to use it as at times these tools are not installed by default, so this is the way to install netstat in Linux systems ( centos 6 , centos 7 ) yum epel-release -y yum install net-tools ...

Posted in Linux May 21, 2018

How to install OpenVPN IPsec VPN Tunnel in CentOS 6-7

VPN also known as Virtual Private Network , is the safest way to go to the internet , it can be said that it keeps the secure private connection in the open network making your traffic much safer , basically there are few VPN service providers which are open source and free to use , the only think you need to have is a Cloud Servers , There are now cheap yet powerful unmanaged Service providers in the market some being Linode, DigitalOcean , Amazon's own cheaper solution Lightsail and few others .Amazon Web Services , Azure , Google Cloud ...

Posted in Tutorial May 14, 2018

How to install SSL in apache linux Servers

This is a quick tutorial how you can install ssl in apache servers running  linux operating systems ( centOS , ubuntu etc ). The process is very simple as it sounds , you just need to setup SSL keys to your servers , infact thats all we need to do to install SSL ( Secure Shocket Layer ) certificates in any websites hosted in linux Apache Servers , the process is pretty simple , we will be providing step by step process to install ssl in apache, Before you start the process , You should know following files to proceed ...

Posted in Tutorial May 14, 2018

Install wordpress in linux apache / nginx servers

Wordpress is one of the world's most popular website management system also known as Content Management System ( CMS ) , If you want to start any kind of website which has a easy to use interface, tons of plugins and also potential to grow website along with its contents , then Wordpress might be the perfect solution for you to start , Today we will be talking about installing wordpress Content Management System to most of the cloud service providers which cost you as low as 5$ per month which can be scaled easily as per your need , ...

Posted in Linux May 14, 2018

Host a Django web in linode

Install a Django web / app into development environment using Linode with Apache ,The process is very simple and just follow up the steps belowssh the serveryum update -yyum install python-setuptools -y 

Posted in Tutorial May 14, 2018


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